Nissan and Love

Story starts by waking up at 6:30am and getting ready to make it to my appointment by 7:40am at my local Nissan dealership. It’s been a long time coming but was proud of myself for getting ready. As soon as I step out the door I realize I had a yogurt for breakfast and remembered I forgot to take my medication. “Great”, I tell myself as I don’t look back because I don’t want to be late. As I’m driving I feel very tired and headaches start to appear (don’t worry this will get funny). I arrive at the dealership and give them my key while I go wait inside the lobby area. “Good time for a snack I suppose”, as I go near the vending machine: ‘Vendor has disabled credit card function’, it reads in boring letters as my stomach grumbles with acceptance and tries to deny any suspicious activity that may be lurking behind the scenes. Takes a look at the coffee machine and without being surprised it says ‘Out of Service’ on a printed paper, but when I take a closer look from the back it’s just disconnected from the outlet. “Patience, man”, I go sit back down and notice a book called Rogue Stories or something of that nature. I pick it up and read it for a few minutes. It becomes very hard to concentrate when all I hear are coughs. “Everybody in this bitch has Covid”, I tell myself. I put the book down and fall asleep. 3 hours pass by and I get a phone call by a person whose office is literally 15 feet away from me. “Why couldn’t she tell me the news in person?” I tell myself as I listen to her dismal story of how my car’s warranty is expired and the final cost to fix everything will be $1900. “Would you like to pay for this?”, she asks as if everything she has just mentioned is nothing short of a loose circuit inside her brain whose warranty has expired years ago. She insists that my warranty expires at 36,000 miles for the three years I have my car leased, when in reality my warranty expires at 45,000 miles and she acted dumbfounded when I gave her a copy of my contract stating so. My car currently has 40,000. I go over to talk to this man in the front lobby taking up the biggest desk in the whole room. He’s wearing some headphones and as I get closer to him he acts as if he doesn’t see me. “I’m in training”, as he puts his headphones back on with a naive smile on his face that lets me know this 3 foot tall man is testing my patience. “Good luck” I reply with a tone that hopefully translated to: ‘this desk is too big for a trainee of your stature’. I then go and speak to a woman with red hair and she acts as if her passive aggressiveness is barely noticeable. I bet in her mind she had won an Oscar for best actress at being the lead role playing ‘The woman behind a desk at a Nissan Dealership’ when her presence actually yelled, “I’m trying my best to look like Wendy’s while knowing that train left about 40 years ago but in the meantime I’ll mess with this fellow that was snoring a few minutes prior”. Out of all of them there, she really got under my skin and she knew that. I couldn’t help but think that she was enjoying her time. Anyways, I left the dealership thinking, “Why would it take them 3 hours to tell me my warranty expired when she knew I was over 36,000?” The thought of them doing math for all that time while rubbing their heads in confusion as to how to properly input the numbers and making sure if my warranty had actually expired, made me sane. Instead of trying to make sense as to why my car was in a place called Nissan for three hours while they did nothing to it and asked for money in return.

The thought of love then appeared into my head. The thought of having people who love me although they were not there at the moment. It calmed me and it made me appreciate this painful morning I had. I got home and started writing this. I know it’s not the nicest thing to say about other individuals, but its funny and whoever gets offended by it should start writing. I would know from personal experience being a person who gets offended quite often. This was cathartic though. This was good. And to my other half, I’m sorry for our dismal past but thank you for both our future shapes that are being molded to create a house for us to live in. A house with proper foundation that won’t break when challenges arise. A house that will be with each of us individually even when we are not around. A house that will be maintained even if we are not meant to be. Thank you.




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