Wouldn’t it be nice to know the person you love? Know their fears, doubts, dreams, goals? It’s a nice thought. But to the person reading this, do you know all the above about yourself? I can answer that about myself from personal experience. No. I know that the world scares me and I don’t know why at times, but going out and letting yourself be a student or to some degree a clown may be what is needed in order to find ones Self. I cannot demand for someone else to give me their vulnerabilities when they have their reasons not to. I can ask and through action manifest a person that is worth trusting. When is the limit, though? When is it too much and one has to let go? The journey of life can be confusing when things that feel right may not be, and things that destroy may build. A person cannot force change without destruction ending as a result. However, educating them through patience and trial and error is a different story. You and I have flaws that differ but they are flaws. Throughout the years, one may grow stronger in certain areas while forgetting about the ones they need to work on. We can grow confidence that’ll turn to arrogance if those flaws are not humbly taken into account.

Fairytales depict archetypes that resemble a certain part in each one of us. Furthermore, with suffering and pain it can feel unrealistic to venture into a part within the fairytales. We rather throw the whole thing away. We’ll define marriage as having a partner to have sex with for each others lifetime and that is that. What is marriage, really? I like to define it as a lifetime commitment that entails responsibility for one another through love and sacrifice by first accounting the ones for the Self. How can you help someone from drowning if you don’t know how to swim? Taking care of each other and longing through the endless suffering this life entails while being aware of each others vulnerabilities and insecurities is what makes a marriage whole. Picking and choosing what to show in order to feel accepted or be someone worth loving, now that’s a fairytale and a great act. I’m not denigrating people who do this because we all have our reasons to show the world a certain side of us. However, one will keep denigrating themselves if they keep abiding by this notion. To believe that the freedom of life is found in strangers or people who meet in time to merely let go again, and that is the whole picture. This cycle will continue with temporary happiness being depicted by someone who is not yourself. I cannot make others happy or give them joy. I can offer them the best part of me, but if they are not able to accept it with their own vulnerabilities then that is not even enough. My door will always be unlocked for you, turn the knob and let all the parts of you go in. All of me is known, I just have to prove it as I have slowly been doing.




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Malleable Despond

Malleable Despond

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